Our Jewellery

Our jewellery collection - on the beach - is just as the name suggests, inspired by the sea and the beach. The main components of the jewellery are pebbles, branches, and freshwater pearls.

Stones: Who hasn't as a child, if you had the opportunity, been on a treasure hunt on the beach, looking for fantastic bargains, perhaps in the form of beautiful stones? Those shaped by the sea, where none are alike. One more beautiful than the next, where you feel that they are children of the sea and the beach. We still collect these wonderful minerals. They will each get their own unique setting, which we have designed and hand-casted, made to suit each individual stone

Branches: These are in solid, hand-cast silver, they are gnarled and scarred as if they have lived a long life, despite their size.

The Pearls: We have managed to find the finest and most unique pearls, which have love pleats or other little quirks that make them personal beauties.

Names: The jewellery has the names of Swedish islands and beaches. For instance Valö is a necklace comprising of a stone, a branch, a pearl, all connected together with a ball chain into a beautiful unit.

We want the jewellery to be unique, you will not find two exactly alike, but you can see and feel that it is a piece of jewellery from WURMA that you hold in your hand